Newspaper Columns, 2003-2005
by Susan Ives

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Trade paperback, 348 pages, 8.5″x5.5″, $15,  ISBN: 0615619789

Newspaper commentary about politics, war, peace and justice.

From the introduction: “Those with blurry vision, those of us who squint and peer, who don’t always see clearly and know it, who doubt the evidence of our lying eyes: we too have a role. We are skeptics, the name taken by the disciples of the Greek philosopher Pyrrho from the word skeptesthai, meaning to reflect, to look, to view. Not to see clearly, but to keep looking: keep looking even when we think we have found the answer, keep looking even when we think we have seen the truth, keep looking because the one thing we know with absolute certainty is that our sight is imperfect and there is always more to be seen. “Sometimes to see clearly we step back, as the world around us will only come into focus when held at arm’s length. Sometimes to see clearly we swoop close in, our noses pressed to the pages of the book, to the screen, to the window; we see clearly by wrangling that seat in the front row. . . . Even with lenses we see through a glass, darkly; through a mirror, dimly; through a fog in the mist. We all chose our vision, what we will see and what we will not see. Those of us who squint are acutely aware that we see through lenses that shape our vision and to remove those lenses is not to see more clearly, but rather not to see at all.

About the author:  Susan Ives is on the Staff of the San Antonio peaceCENTER, where, since 2007, she has been the driving force behind peaceCENTER books. She also facilitates classes about nonviolence, especially the history of peace and justice movements. She was honored as the San Antonio Bar Foundation Peacemaker of the Year in 2005. Susan is a native of Bucks County, PA; she has a degree in Political Science from Drew University in Madison, NJ. In prior incarnations she has been a unionized sandwich and salad maker, a canoeing instructor, an advertising copywriter, an army officer and a newspaper columnist.

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