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Nothing But the TruthNothing But the Truth
49 Classic Stories About Truth & Lies
Susan Ives, editor

9″ x 6″, 358 pages,  ISBN: 1449563554 (out of print)

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True or False? Fact or Fiction? Honesty or Humbug? Is there such a thing as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The nature of truth has challenged philosophers since the beginning of history. Wars have been fought over it. Fortunes won and lost, religions founded, relationships destroyed and resurrected, reputations made and reputations ruined. Everything we think and do is influenced by our understanding of truth.

These 49 classic stories by the world’s greatest writers explore the nature of truth – and lies. Are the stores true? The whole truth? You decide . . .

Stories included are: Aesop – The Ape and the Two Travelers, Truth and the Traveler, & The Boy Who Cried  Wolf; Hans Christian Anderson – The Emperor’s New Clothes; Traditional – The Elephant And The  Blind Men, The Ask Lad Who Made the Princess Say, “You’re a Liar!;” The Emperor and  the Flower Seeds & Qasiagssaq, The Great Liar; Mark Twain – A Fable, The Petrified  Man & Was It Heaven? Or Hell?; Catulle Mendes – The Mirror; Jack London – Nam-Bok The Liar; Ambrose Bierce – A Forfeited Right, At the Pole, A Fatal Disorder, The Devil’s Dictionary & Religions of Error; Stephen Leacock – Homer and Humbug, Truthful Oratory, or What Our Speakers Ought to Say & The First Newspaper: A Sort of Allegory; Lord Dunsany – The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise & A Moral Little Tale; A.A. Milne – The Truth About Home Rails; Oliver Wendell Holmes – An Aphorism and a Lecture; Virginia Woolf – A Society & The Mark on the Wall; Leo Tolstoy – The Coffee-House of Surat & God Sees the Truth, But Waits; John Greenleaf Whittier – The Proselytes; Robert Louis Stephenson – Something In It, Paul Laurence Dunbar – The Faith Cure Man; Edgar Allen Poe – The Purloined Letter; Anatole France – Putois; Saki – The Open Window & The Woman Who Told The Truth; Guy de Maupassant – Simon’s Papa; Bram Stoker – The Gipsy Prophecy; W.W. Jacobs – The Test: Henry Lawson – Telling Mrs. Baker; Alain-Rene LeSage – Gil Blas (excerpt); Henry James – The Tree of Knowledge & The Liar; Edith Wharton – The Verdict; Fyodor Dostoyevsky – The Dream of a Ridiculous Man; Anton Chekhov – The Beggar; Maurice Baring – What Is Truth?; William Butler Yeats – The Wisdom of the King; Leonid Andreyev – The Man Who Found the Truth




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