Insights on the Journey

Insights on the JourneyInsights on the Journey
Trauma, Healing & Wholeness:an anthology of women’s writing
compiled and edited by Maureen Leach, OSF
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Trade Paperback, 120 pages, $12, ISBN: 1434829863

A part of the journey to inner healing involves sharing with others—not staying alone in the pain – not staying forever in the pain—learning that life is bigger than what we have suffered. Knowing, naming, and feeling the pain are often important steps along the way. Some of the authors in this anthology use poetry some use prose. Some will share their personal story, and others will add perspective from their walk with people who were healing from the inside out. One may tell of a dramatic one time experience of healing, while others may tell of a long slow process.

Each tells a unique story:

The Journey to Healing — Maureen Leach, OSF
Then I Met Winter — Polly A. Fowler
Hurting and Healing — Catherine Na
Re-membering and Telling — Martha K. Grant
Pain, Truth, Release — Tina Karagulian
Lessons from the Ancestors — Tina Karagulian
Healing Connections: Gate A4 — Naomi Shihab Nye
Trauma Work and Inner Healing — Pat R. Farrell, OSF
Post Traumatic Stress and Inner Healing — Brenda
Healing from Domestic Violence — Patricia Castillo
Grief Work and Inner Healing — Liz Cummins, OSF
Healing From the Inside Out — Catherine Cuasay
The Healing Power of Music — Dana Clark
Healing Earth – Healing Ourselves — Michelle Balek, OSF
Spirituality and Inner Healing — Glee Miller
Awakening Towards Inner Reliance & Bliss — Narjis Pierre
Peace is Life — Nancy Meyerhofer, OSF
Walking with Others on the Path to Healing – Margie Hosch, OSF
Art — Nancy Olinger
Words of Wisdom from a Spiritual Amma — Jean Springer

About the editor: Maureen Leach, a Dubuque Franciscan Sister, is on the core team of the peaceCENTER. She serves as a Spanish/English Interpreter for the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Download a sample chapter:   Not sure if this is the book you need? Download Maureen’s section (pages 1-13) of Insights on the Journey plus the biographies of all of the authors.


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