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Dancing to the beat of a different rumba

My peaceCENTER colleague Rosalyn Collier roped me into dinner and a movie, the movie being “Strictly Ballroom,” a 1993 Australian film about ballroom dancing. “Not at all my cup of tea,” I complained. “You love it. Trust me,” she countered. She was right. Scott, a young competitive ballroom dancer, is inspired to improvise in a… Read More »

Fasts and Hunger Strikes: is there a difference?

Mia Farrow has embarked on a 21-day fast to “show solidarity” with the people of Darfur. “I’m just an actress. I’m not presuming anybody will care whether I starve to death or whether I go on a long hunger strike or what. But it’s a personal matter. I can’t be among those that watch –… Read More »

Death penalty videos

The death penalty has been added as lesson seven in the new 16-week “university” Class of Nonviolence. There are many good documentaries on capital punishment, but these two online videos would work well with this lesson. The first is an hour-long TV program hosted by the Harris County, Texas Green Party. In a classroom situation… Read More »

Happy Earth Day, Edward Abbey!

The Class of Nonviolence, alas, does not address the environment directly – we typically stuff environmental issues into lesson eight, which is about animals. Another approach could be to look at the life and works of Edward Abbey, an author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues. He fits in well with lesson… Read More »

The REAL Boston Tea Party

With all the coverage of tea parties it is an excellent teaching moment to talk about the revolutionary roots of the real Boston Tea Party and initiate a discussion about whether Britain could have been removed from the American colonies nonviolently. (This is one of Colman McCarthy’s discussion questions in lesson 6 of the Class… Read More »