Working It Out!

WIO200Working It Out!
Managing and Mediating Everyday Conflicts
For children of all ages
by Rosalyn Falcón Collier




Trade paperback, B&W, 60 pages, 8″x10″, $10, ISBN: 1434808025

Even before there was a peaceCENTER, Rosalyn was teaching teachers how to introduce children to conflict engagement and transformative mediation. Working it Out! has spent the past decade as a battered photo copy of a photo copy, cherished by those lucky enough to have one. We’ve buffed it up, updated the reading list and are now offering it to the world. WIO! contains about 50 fun activities that can be seamlessly integrated into the pre-K through upper elementary classroom. Children learn relaxation techniques, communication skills and conflict transformation and the adults learn right along with them. Working It Out WORKS. Although designed for the classroom, most of the activities can also be adapted to family use.

Download a free excerpt:  Download the introduction, table of contents and two sample lessons from Working It Out! (PDF format)

About the author: Rosalyn Falcón Collier is the peacework educator at the peaceCENTER where she designs and facilitates conflict engagement and transformative mediation skillshops and presentations dealing with creative nonviolence in multicultural situations. She is the recipient of the 2000 Peace Educator of the Year Award from the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development.

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