The Tug of War

The Tug of WarThe Tug of War
48 Classic Stories About War & Peace
Susan Ives, editor
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Trade paperback, 6″x9″, 396 pages. $16. ISBN: 144958036X

The 48 stories collected here cover the full scope of war — from the first three stories which analyze how children are introduced to war to the last three, which dwell on death. In between, there is everything else: the battlefield and the home front, bravery and cowardice, despair and elation, victory and defeat. There are stories that will make you laugh out loud and stories that will haunt your dreams and make you weep. Some will have you nodding your head in recognition, others may have you shaking your head in perplexity or distaste. Here’s the rub: your stories and my stories are apt to be different stories. Each of us brings to the reading our own experiences and our own beliefs about the way the world works. Buried within every war story is the germ of a peace story. And buried within each peace story is the germ of a war story. Stories included are:

Sherwood Anderson: War
Leonid Andreyev: A Story Which Will Never Be Finished
Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews: The Russian
T.S. Arthur: A Noble Act
Mikhail Petrovich Artzybashev: The Revolutionist
L. Frank Baum: Gen. Jinjur’s Army of Revolt
Rex Ellingwood Beach, The City of Beggars
Ambrose Bierce: Chickamagua
George A. Birmingham: Civilized War
Joseph Conrad: The Warrior’s Soul, The Tale
Stephen Crane: The Second Generation, The Upturned Face, A Mystery of Heroism, The Sergeant’s Private Madhouse
Richard Harding Davis: The Deserter
Lord Dunsany: A Deed of Mercy, The Oases of Death, England
Oliver Goldsmith: The Disabled Soldier
O. Henry: Two Renegades
William Dean Howells: Editha
Stephen Leacock: An Interview with General Bernhardi, War Mania of Mr. Jinks & Mr. Blinks
Jack London: The Unparalleled Invasion
Amy Lowell: Lead Soldiers, The Bombardment, The Allies
Arthur Machen: The Bowmen
Katherine Mansfield: An Indiscreet Journey
A.E.W. Mason: The Deserter
Guy de Maupassant: Boule de Suif, The Horrible, Father Milon, Two Friends
Alfred Noyes: Rada: A Drama Of War In One Act
Forbes Phillips & R. Thurston Hopkins: The White Comrade
Luigi Pirandello: War
Saki: The Toys Of Peace, Reginald’s Peace Poems, The Cupboard Of The Yesterdays
Jonathan Swift: The Country of the Houyhnhnms
Mark Twain: Luck, The European War, The War Prayer
Henry Van Dyke: The Hero and Tin Soldiers, A Dialogue On Peace Between A Householder And A Burglar, The Broken Soldier and the Maid of France

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