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US Nobel Peace Prize Anagram Worksheet

Got new software yesterday — Anagram Genius is the program Dan Brown used to concoct the anagrams in Angels and Demons and now we have it as well. It’s first workout was to conduct a learning activity about the Nobel Peace Prize. Barack Obama receives his on December 10, providing a great opening for discussion.… Read More »

Brain Teasers

Engaging, transforming and transcending conflict often involves creative thinking. We can train our brains to “think outside the box.” One way is by solving puzzles. Any puzzle will do— anagrams, suduku, crosswords— or brain teasers. We’ve come up with a one page handout that includes 27 brain teasers. Play with the letters & numbers to… Read More »

Conflict Revolution

View more presentations from Victoria Pynchon. This slide show is from Victoria Pynchon’s Settle It Now Negotiation Blog, and is based on a presentation by Dr. Ken Cloke, Conflict Revolution: Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism. (I recommend expanding the slide show to full screen to view it properly.) In Lesson 5 of the Class… Read More »

Dancing to the beat of a different rumba

My peaceCENTER colleague Rosalyn Collier roped me into dinner and a movie, the movie being “Strictly Ballroom,” a 1993 Australian film about ballroom dancing. “Not at all my cup of tea,” I complained. “You love it. Trust me,” she countered. She was right. Scott, a young competitive ballroom dancer, is inspired to improvise in a… Read More »