Lesson 5: Class of Nonviolence

“If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”
Emma Goldman


5.1 Feminism, Peace and Power by Mary Roodkowsky  5.2 Rape is all too Thinkable for Quite the Normal Sort of Man by Neal King and Martha McCaughey  5.3 To the Women of India by Mohandas Gandhi  5.4 Narrowing the Battlefield by Carol Ascher  5.5 Patriarchy: A State of War by Barbara Hope  5.6 An American Shero of 1941 by Colman McCarthy
[download all of the Lesson Five readings in one PDF file]


  1. Given the chance, are women just as prone to violence as men? It it beyond men’s capacity to establish a peaceful world? Are women’s views of peace different from men; after all, don’t women expect men to “protect” them at all costs?
  2. If a woman is in a man’s apartment after a date, a night of partying at 3 a.m., should she be surprised if “date rape” occurs?
  3. In what sense is sexism a justice related issue?
  4. Men’s liberation must accompany women’s liberation. Explain.
  5. Sexual stereotypes are created and sustained by society. Why do you think this is true and why do people go along with it?

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