Facilitator’s Manual for the Class of Nonviolence

Facilitator's Manual for the Class of NonviolenceFacilitator’s Manual for the Class of Nonviolence
by Susan Ives
Foreword by Colman McCarthy

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Trade Paperback, 10″ x 8″, 154 pages. $13.00 ISBN: 1434808661

The San Antonio peaceCENTER has been facilitating Colman McCarthy’s Class of Nonviolence for more than a decade, offering one or two sessions a year in venues as diverse as university classrooms and local pizza joints. We’ve had groups as small as five and as large as thirty. The participants have ranged from committed elders in the peace movement to skeptical students. The emphasis of this manual is on exercises that complement the 48 essays in the Class of Nonviolence: film clips, art, reflections, games, poetry, simulations and the like.

These exercises are optional: the entire class time can be spent in a facilitated discussion of the readings and sometimes that’s exactly what we do. There are times, however, when we want to experience the material in a different way than reading-and-talking, to move it from our heads to our hearts. And we do mean PLAY. We like to nudge words and jiggle ideas, to see and touch and hear and taste and smell peace. We call our way of learning “experiential.” The emphasis is on the lifetime of experience that the participants bring to the class. Their experiences inform the readings. The readings illuminate their experience. The exercises open everyone to the process. The great wonder of this class is that every session is different. We may have facilitated it many, many times but each time we come to it with beginner’s minds, as the experiences of these students, the insights of today’s lesson, the interaction among this group of people at this moment make the words fresh, as if we were encountering them for the first time.

Download a free excerpt:  This 22-page excerpt of the Facilitator’s Manual includes the table of contents, Colman McCarthy’s foreword and the complete Lesson Two, on Gandhi.

“Art of War” Slideshow for Lesson Seven:  You can download for free this Powerpoint slideshow of the nine works of art used in the “Art of War” exercise in Lesson Seven.

Blank Power Over and Power With Wheels:  In lesson Five, on Women, Peace and Power, we use the Power Over and Power With wheels that are often used to teach about domestic violence. These wheels have the detail omitted so that they can be used in an interactive class exercise, if desired. Only the main categories are included. Download for free.

You can download all 48 essays that comprise the actual Class of Nonviolence for FREE here.

conv200The Class of Nonviolence (the student manual / collection of 48 essays) will ALWAYS be available as a free download on the Internet, but some people have expressed an interest in having it available as a paperback book. We are offering it for our cost ($5.00 + shipping.) This is ONLY available through our publisher, CreateSpace, and not through Amazon.

University Essays for the Class of Nonviolence (77 essays, 320 pages, organized into 16 class sessions) is also available as a free download. Twelve of the 48 essays in the 8-week class are omitted in the 16-week class. There are 41 additional essays, making a total of 77 readings. Those familiar with the 8-week class of Nonviolence (or who are good at math)  will notice that 36 of the readings are the same.

The Class of Nonviolence and the University Essays are also available to read online at the peaceCENTER Web site.

About the author: Susan Ives has been on the core team of the San Antonio peaceCENTER since 1998.  A native of Bucks County, PA, Susan has a degree in political science from Drew University in Madison NJ and is a former army officer and Gulf War veteran.



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