Facilitator Manual for Karen Armstrong’s 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life

12stepsSince January of 2013 the peaceCENTER has focused on compassion as a path to peace.  As part of this emphasis, we’ve been facilitating book studies of Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. It’s an important and interesting book: you can buy it here from Amazon.com (Viva! Books on Broadway in San Antonio also has a stack for sale.)

As we’ve been facilitating we’ve collected and written down what we did:  the practical exercises we conducted, the more than 60 stories we told, scripts for meditations, even links to  a few videos of class sessions! It’s been assembled into a facilitator’s manual for our own use, but we’ll provide a free copy to you as well.


It’s a large PDF file — 7 MB — 124 pages. There’s enough material in it for twelve 2-hour-long class sessions, but it’s arranged so that you can pick and choose what you need for the amount of time you have.

If you are facilitating a book study we would love to hear from you: info@ SAcompassionNET.org.

And if you are as interested as we are in compassion as a path to peace, be sure to check out Compassionate San Antonio, the peaceCENTER initiative to have San Antonio recognized as a world-class compassionate city. And be sure to sign the Charter for Compassion as well.




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