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Rarely Seen Film “King: A Filmed Record” Traces MLK’s Struggle from Montgomery to Memphis

EXCLUSIVE: Rarely Seen Film “King: A Filmed Record” Traces MLK’s Struggle from Montgomery to Memphis In a Black History Month special, Democracy Now! aired excerpts of a rarely seen Oscar-nominated documentary about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the rise of the civil rights movement. Produced by Ely Landau, “King: A Filmed Record…Montgomery to Memphis”… Read More »

Conflict Revolution

View more presentations from Victoria Pynchon. This slide show is from Victoria Pynchon’s Settle It Now Negotiation Blog, and is based on a presentation by Dr. Ken Cloke, Conflict Revolution: Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism. (I recommend expanding the slide show to full screen to view it properly.) In Lesson 5 of the Class… Read More »


Seventy-two years ago today, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, on April 26th, 1937, the Basque town of Guernica was carpet bombed by Fascist Italian and Nazi German forces. Three-quarters of Guernica was destroyed, and as many as 1,600 civilians were killed. The Spanish Republican government had commissioned Pablo Picasso to create a… Read More »

True Education

True Educationby Voltaire A widow, having a young son, and being possessed of a handsome fortune, had given a promise of marriage to two magi, who were both desirous of marrying her. “I will take for my husband,” said she, “the man who can give the best education to my beloved son.” The two magi… Read More »

They Laid Their Necks Bare

Many years ago the peaceCENTER developed a teaching tool called “The Great Peace March,” an illustrated timeline of peace and justice history, that we can hang on the wall, project on a screen or play as a bingo-type game. It begins with the first recorded practitioners of civil disobedience, Shiprah and Puah, the midwives who… Read More »