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The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History

This just in from  Rethinking Schools:  We’re pleased to announce our latest “publication,” The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History — a new website with free downloadable teaching activities. The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People’s History is a collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, supported by an anonymous donor (a former… Read More »

Howard Zinn: Three Holy Wars

On the 100th anniversary of Progressive Magazine, Howard Zinn, author of The People’s History of the United States, gave a talk about three holy wars. Not religious wars, he explained, but rather America’s “sacred” wars that are considered to be just and beyond criticism. They are the American Revolution, the Civil War and World War… Read More »

Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too

Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too A fascinating science commentary in the New York Times by Natalie Angier about plants’ will to survive: The more that scientists learn about the complexity of plants — their keen sensitivity to the environment, the speed with which they react to changes in the environment, and the… Read More »

Nonviolence: The History of an Idea

Ira Chernus, Professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has written an introductory book on the history of the idea of nonviolence in the United States. American Nonviolence: The History of An Idea is now available from Orbis Books and is also available free online. Chapters include: The Anabaptists; The Quakers;… Read More »

Harvard’s very popular course on justice now available to you online

From their Web site:  Justice is one of the most popular courses in Harvard’s history. Now it’s your turn to take the same journey in moral reflection that has captivated more than 14,000 students, as Harvard opens its classroom to the world. In this twelve part series, [Michael] Sandel challenges us with difficult moral dilemmas… Read More »

What Bystanders Do When They Witness Violence

What Bystanders Do When They Witness Violence Facing History and Ourselves used a “Talk of the Nation” episode as the centerpiece for a lesson plan about bystanders to violence.  We typically discuss this in the first session of the Class of Nonviolence and come around to it again towards the end.   Another good resource… Read More »

US Nobel Peace Prize Anagram Worksheet

Got new software yesterday — Anagram Genius is the program Dan Brown used to concoct the anagrams in Angels and Demons and now we have it as well. It’s first workout was to conduct a learning activity about the Nobel Peace Prize. Barack Obama receives his on December 10, providing a great opening for discussion.… Read More »

Brain Teasers

Engaging, transforming and transcending conflict often involves creative thinking. We can train our brains to “think outside the box.” One way is by solving puzzles. Any puzzle will do— anagrams, suduku, crosswords— or brain teasers. We’ve come up with a one page handout that includes 27 brain teasers. Play with the letters & numbers to… Read More »