Brain Teasers

By | November 14, 2009

Engaging, transforming and transcending conflict often involves creative thinking. We can train our brains to “think outside the box.” One way is by solving puzzles. Any puzzle will do— anagrams, suduku, crosswords— or brain teasers. We’ve come up with a one page handout that includes 27 brain teasers. Play with the letters & numbers to find a common word or phrase. Here’s an example:


You can download a PDF file of the handout HERE. If you are facilitating the class of nonviolence, handouts like these can be given to the people who show up early. Or, they can be incorporated into the class itself. In the session on Gandhi, for example, we often hand out a sheet of optical illusions to illustrate that there can be more than one version of “truth.”

The answer to the puzzler above, by the way, is Tennessee. Ten E – C. Get it?

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