The Love of Money — FREE download!

The Love of Money

The Love of Money
56 Classic Stories About Greed
Susan Ives, editor
9″ x 6″, 358 pages,  ISBN: 1449563554 (out of print)

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The Love of Money is an anthology of 56 classic stories about greed. The first section, “Once Upon a Time,” includes 36 fables, folk tales and children’s stories about greed. The second section, “The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil,” consists of 14 classic short stories about greed, including: How Much Land Does a Man Need? (Leo Tolstoy); Gooseberries (Anton Chekhov); The Devil and Tom Walker (Washington Irving); The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg (Mark Twain); Very Poor (T.S. Arthur); Will It Pay? (Mary Roberts Rinehart); The Name Day (Saki); A Family (Guy de Maupassant): The Necklace (Guy de Maupassant); Bertha (Guy de Maupassant); A Spirit of Avarice (W.W. Jacobs); The Soul Of Nicholas Snyders, Or The Miser Of Zandam (Jerome K. Jerome); The Other Side of the Hedge (E.M. Forester); and The Rocking Horse Winner (D.H. Lawrence). In the last section, “Love is Patient, Love is Kind,” we encounter six stories of overcoming greed: The Wise Woman’s Stone (Traditional); A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens); The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde); The Other Wise Man (Henry Van Dyke); Salt of the Earth (George Gissing); and The Gift Of The Magi (O. Henry).


Extra GreedyWe reviewed 20 more stories that didn’t make the final cut. They are wonderful stories — just as good as the original 56 — but unless we issued a forklift to help you tote the book around, there just wasn’t room for them. Rather than consign them to the recycle bin, we’re offering them as a FREE downloadable book that you can read right now to get you ready for the main event.

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Extra-Greedy: 20 More Classic Stories About Greed
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Half of these are folk and fairy stories. The 10 included short stories are: The Overcoat (Nikolai Gogol); The $30,000 Bequest (Mark Twain); The Five Boons Of Life (Mark Twain); The Trimmed Lamp (O. Henry); Common People (T.S. Arthur); With Interest to Date (Rex Ellingwood Beach); A Pair of Silk Stockings (Kate Chopin); A Night In New Arabia (O. Henry) The Young King (Oscar Wilde); and The Hoard of the Gibbelins (Lord Dunsany).

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